French Translation Services

In our unique and lovely islands here in the Channel, we know that sometimes business matters are not always as straightforward as we would like, or even in our native tongue! It can be confusing and very frustrating. This is why we now have professional and qualified French translators to help you with you every business translation need. Please see below for a full list of service areas we provide:


  • Phone calls on your behalf
  • Filling in official forms
  • Arranging appointments
  • Translating documents verbally on the phone
  • Translating documents scanned by email
  • Verbal translation of meetings
  • Assistance at your home
  • Personal representation


  • Assistance with Notaires / Mairie / Solicitors
  • Selling or buying a property (compromis & acte de vente)
  • French wills
  • Consumer laws
  • Local regulations, planning permissions etc…
  • Court translations


  • Understanding Property taxes (taxe foncière, taxe habitation, contributions sociales)
  • Filling in your French tax returns
  • Meetings at tax offices


  • How to set up a French bank account
  • Meetings with your branch staff
  • Documents – understanding and completion
  • Mortgages – set-up and assistance

Business Set-Up

  • Initial Registration
  • Ongoing Administration (RSI, tax documents, VAT)
  • Meetings with accountant


  • Utility companies (electric, water, gas) – initial set-up, problems and disconnecting if moving on
  • Insurance – filling in forms, help with claims
  • Phone/internet connection – dealing with service providers
  • Renting – lease agreements for you and your tenants
Business Help Services