Google Analytics Consultancy

As a certified Google Analytics Consultancy, we have access to your website’s analytics. Each and every website produces its own statistics and analytics – data that helps us identify what targeted improvements we could make to ensure your website works for you.

As we have the tools available to help us see what your customers are searching for, this helps us to:

  • identify what is missing on your site;
  • consider what could be improved upon;
  • determine what areas of your marketing are working;
  • look at how other areas of your marketing could be revised;
  • boost your site’s usability.

Combined, all these factors will help us make the updates that will ensure that your website works for your business, attracting more customers and, ultimately, more sales for you.

As a Google Analytics Consultancy, we are able to access and use statistics from Google to explore your customers’ journeys and help us identify where positive changes can be made to your website. The statistics we can find out about your visitors includes where they have come from (general search, paid advertising, social media, email marketing), which page they landed on and where they go from there, which page they on when they leave your site, potential audience size, how effective your communications are, internet activity referring to your business or sector.

google analytics consultancy

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