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Social Media for Business

When considering using social media for your business, it is worth noting that of all those 2 billion people online, 100% are consumers – can your business afford to ignore this statistic?

It now plays a huge role in a business’s marketing plan and there are currently over 1.2million active Facebook business pages. Having active accounts (that is, utilising the ones you have, not just having them there doing nothing) helps your business to grow and develop and helps instil a sense of trust from your existing and prospective clients.

Our skills and expertise in social media can help your business gain exposure and our experienced team of social media account managers, community managers and strategists have worked with a vast array of companies and are fully trained to take care of your accounts, keeping them updated in a consistent and professional manner.

Benefits for Business

Figuring out the best way forward with social media for your business can be daunting – it is a vast place and where to get started can be confusing. We believe every business can benefit from using it – and we have the experience to prove it. Benefits of our social media management for businesses include:

  • Increased brand awareness;
  • Grow your customer base.

Receive instant exposure to like minded businesses through established Yogurt Top Marketing pages and target new customers, increasing your brand awareness and exposing your business to a much larger market.

Generating new business leads

Social media will help generate new business through referrals, positive testimonials and recommendations. It will allow you to network more with like-minded businesses as well as increasing your website’s Search Engine Optimisation through stronger web activity via social media platforms and links. By allowing us to manage your accounts and pages, you will have the peace of mind that your accounts are always updated with engaging and consistently high quality content and not left stagnant – all without the expense of employing additional personnel.

Manage my Social Media

It is common for most business owners to be too busy to manage their social media, and this is where we can help. We can put a plan in place that works alongside your existing marketing strategies to help you to use social media for your business, allowing you to sit back and reap the rewards.

Our trained staff research your business thoroughly to enable them to produce high quality social media activities. Your own Account Manager, will be on hand to ensure every post, message, question and testimonial is responded to and to answer any query you have or listen when you have some exciting news about your business coming up. Your business pages reflect you and your company and it is vital that we produce content that demonstrates this.

At, we can design a cost-effective management package for you from as little as £40 per week, plus initial set up costs. Contact us today and see just how much your business could benefit.

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