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Welcome to businesshelp.gg

19 Smith Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY12JD

Phone us: +44 (0)1481 711703 or (0)7781 137918


Welcome to BusinessHelp

Ready to Grow Your Business?

We can help your business develop and grow. We know that you as business owners, would like more time, more time to work, more time to spend with your family. More time to think.

There are lots of elements that affect business growth – some more obvious than others. So have a look around. Our website will explain more about how we can help you and how we have already helped many others.

‘Before being coached by Alan, Jer’s Electrical was a one man band with an expanding client base and all my hours went into my business.
I had too much work for myself, even once I had finished for the day I still worked into the late hours of the evening. I was working blind with my figures and margins basically working on a cash basis.

Since being coached I have learnt so much, it has also given me a lot confidence.
I am now a Limited Company with 8 full time employees. I have started advertising on facebook, in the processing of setting up my website and even launched a radio ad. I have got a great drive to keep on expanding, learning more and more about managing my business the correct way and becoming a well recognised electrical company.

I am now able to manage my employees, arrange & quote jobs and still enjoy time with my family.’

Kind regards

JER Electrical Limited

Guidance, Support, Accountability and Confidence.

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“We need to be better!” – Every business owner, the world over.

It’s easy to say but much more of a challenge to actually do. Businesshelp focus on helping you…..to help your business. Introducing leadership, creating accurate and helpful business plans, delivering those plans then communicating your business to ensure you get the best return.

It’s no easy feat and most people need help, which is why we exist. So if you have thought about any of this but you need some support to get things moving forward, contact us. We can help your business.

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